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Sunday, April 4, 2010


The link posted above is for a commercial from Dove's Real Beauty campaign. This specific piece is called "Dove Evolution."

Isn't it fascinating how media affects us and our perception of beauty? As I was scrolling through the blog, I saw a post by my classmate, Lia Thompson (, and wanted to piggy back off her ideas.

When did the media determine who or what is beautiful? Who gets to make that judgement call? Granted many people look to celebrities and stars to see what is in fashion or what could be deemed as "acceptable" or "appropriate." Many times what celebrities wear or how they act is copied by their fans.

But what if their lifestyle habits, fashion sense, or language is awful?

America seems to be a culture that is highly, highly influenced by the media and the messages it brings us. Maybe it is due to our country's large dependence on mass media outlets. It is heartbreaking to me to see little boys and girls dressed in what my opinion is "inappropriate." It is horrible to hear that to someone, beauty is the size of their waist or their chest. Or even, that beauty is what the opposite sex things of someone.

Is that really what our society has taught people?
Beauty is not dependent on what others think of us, but rather, what we think of ourselves.

I believe the most beautiful people are confident, happy, and have a clear understanding of who they are.

Sure it is nice to get compliments here and there. But I think the key to being beautiful and happy, is just to be oneself. That means, NOT modeling ourselves after the people on TV shows, the radio, movies, or in magazines. We were each made to be us, not someone else.

It's time to live like that.

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