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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Word

After creating a project on the American Dream within the country’s society and people, I came across several unique discoveries.

The first, and perhaps most surprising, was the immediate thoughts held by the youngest generation regarding the American Dream. Through my interviewing and research, I found the younger generation (fifth graders specifically) to hold a very negative and pessimistic view on the American Dream. Most didn’t believe their parents were living out the American Dream, and most didn’t think it possible for the current Millennial Generation, let alone for themselves.

The second, which vastly contrasts the first discovery, was the thoughts held by the oldest generation regarding the American Dream. In contrast, the older generation was very optimistic of the American Dream, suggesting not only does it still exist, but also they achieved it within their lifetime. They do not dismiss the current Millennial Generation in their pursuit of the American Dream, but instead encourage that they will achieve and surpass their expectations.

This obvious opposition in thought was not only drastic, but also somewhat discouraging.

What in society deters young people from believing they can not only hold goals and dreams, but have the opportunity to reach them?

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