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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Final Word

Wow, I cannot believe our semester is already coming to a close. Tomorrow marks the last week of classes and with that, comes the conclusion of another school year. This has been a very interesting semester spent analyzing America, American culture, and what it means to be an American. I find it fascinating how all of my classmates and I were shaped throughout this process. Getting ideas from events around us, and bouncing ideas off one another, I have learned much about this great country we live in.

We have explored issues regarding mass media, health, beauty, nationalism, food, family, and different artistic expressions and values of America.

It is interesting to see how my personal ideas on America have changed or strengthened. Throughout this semester I have tried to remain as optimistic about America as I can. I love the country that I live in and feel so blessed to have the freedoms and advantages that I do. However, my eyes were opened about the negative sides of America. Caitlin Blestcher's project on the American Dream was saddening. So many people, including young elementary school children, had negative interpretations of what the American Dream was or how it is played out within their own lives. Many of their reactions were hard to read. Her project will be available for viewing with the launch of our website on Friday, April 23, at 6:00 pm (PST).

Also, my blog post on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was sad as well. These children (and adults) are exposed to so many unhealthy foods and eating habits, it is no wonder our nation is becoming more and more obese.

Hopefully this experience has been eye opening for you as well. Maybe you learned something. Maybe your beliefs or attitudes have shifted after following our blog posts and projects. Maybe none of this happened. But I know for me at least, it has.

And although we have our negative aspects in this country, I still believe America is an amazing country with many wonderful qualities.

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